Storm Adapters

1800-TLC-120-RV – This adapter was originally designed for use with the FEMA trailers during the Katrina disaster. What this adapter does is allows the utility to repair the damaged service prior to completion of the damaged dwelling being fixed. The adapter has a 120V receptacle for construction use and a 30A 120V RV receptacle. The RV receptacle is used to feed a FEMA dwelling and allows the customer to have power to rebuild the dwelling if a FEMA trailer is parked on the customers site until rebuilding of the home is completed.
Quick Set Generator adapter – The quick Set adapter is used to supply power to the dwelling by use of a customer generator. The adapter will not back feed into the utility system eliminating the risk of a shock hazard by a back fed circuit from a generator. The Quick Set adapter has a 120V and 240V option available. Standard plug ends as well as a Twist-Lock and others are available. The adapter is wired on the “LOAD” side of the adapter only. The adapter will feed the dwelling by a generator allowing the customer to complete any construction or have power until the utility has restored service to the dwelling.
1800-TSA-FPL-250-LINE – This adapter is for supplying power from a service that has no issues over to a service with issues. The adapter has connection points that allows a good service to provide power to another damaged service until the utility can provide power to the damaged service. This is done by using a piece of tri-plex or other conductors, from the adapter to the damaged service. The adapter gets power from the Line side of the adapter and does not affect the original customers billing. The adapter can also be used in conjunction with the 1800-TSA-FPL-250-Load adapter. This allows the feeding adapter to be connected to the Load adapter. For use with up to 250MCM conductor
1800-TSA-FPL-250-LOAD – This adapter works similar to the Line adapter except that the adapter will meter the damaged service and provide power without back feeding the damaged service into the utility system. The Load adapter gets it’s power feed from either an underground transformer or the LINE adapter. The Load adapter is fed on the line side jaws of the adapter and meters the customer’s load. The line side stabs are isolated eliminating the possibility of back feeding into the utility service, yet provides power to the customer until the service is repaired. For use with up to 250MCM conductor
JC-4B – This is just a simple jumper cover that jumpers Line to Load in a meter socket. The utility meters are probably damaged by the flooding(especially Electronic Meters). This will allow power to the customer’s dwelling until a new meter can be installed.
Meter Pals – These are different variations of blank off plates. These devices blank off the meter socket until a meter is ready to be installed. This allows the utility to repair the feed, but pull the meter blocking off the meter socket until the dwelling is ready for a meter to be installed.
Meter locking ring – We carry many different styles of meter locking rings for use with the adapters to secure the meters.