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Marwell Corporation is a manufacturing and design company specializing in products that require an interface to the Electric Meter Socket. Our customers are the Electric Power Utilities and the Companies that supply products to the Electric Power Industry. Founded in 1979, Marwell Corporation is a privately-held company based in Mentone, CA. The company is a leading supplier of meter socket adapters for electric KWh meters. Marwell’s products are key to a variety of fast-growing markets, including Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), utility home automation, whole house surge protection and the general simplification of Kwh meter installations in the United States and worldwide.

Marwell introduced its first product, the Angle Meter Socket Adapter, in 1979. Thanks to the initial product acceptance, Marwell has enjoyed steady growth since that humble beginning . Within a decade Marwell has grown from a single product manufacturer into a major supplier of KwH meter adapters throughout the United States and Canada. The advancement of Automatic Meter Reading and the need to package electronic assemblies in close proximity to the meter has allowed Marwell be become an important part of your overall project solutions.

Storm Adapters/Power Restoration Solutions

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