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Meter Locking Rings


Marwell Corporation is proud to announce the development of our new 15 terminal meter block. The Marwell block is made from the same rugged Polycarbonate material used in our meter socket adapter line. The plastic is a time tested composite that will increase the durability of the meter enclosure terminal block. This product addresses the issues of cracking and breaking by using Polycarbonate materials that will contribute to the long term strength and flexibility of the meter terminal block. The Marwell block can be retrofit into existing sockets or used in new installations. The Marwell block is compatible with 5S,6S,7S,8S,9S,10S,11S,24S and 26S metering. This product can be ordered for either back or front mount feeds.

E/Z 300

ANSI C12 specification meter ring.
Ring: Aluminum

Slip lock design for quick easy installation. Sealable with standard wire or hasp type meter seals.

Non-adjustable, low cost leader.

E/Z 301

ANSI C12 specification meter ring.
Ring: Aluminum
Screw: Cad plated steel

Screw Head: Straight blade

Basic screw type ring with aluminum body and plated screw.