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Poly Phase Self Contained


K-7 Conversion 320 Amp Continuous

For Landis & Gyr (Siemens) K-7 meter base. Accepts Class 320 or Class 200 socket meters, may be keyed to fit Class 320 meters only.

Rated at 320 Amp continuous. Rated for 600 Volt applications.

Neutral wire will attach to bus bar in place of the original neutral jaw.


* Rated for 600 Volt Service.
* Rated for 320 Amp Continuous.
* Marwell patented Mighty-Jaw Bite.
* Neutral wire with ring terminal included.

Ordering Information
Part # SP-2387-K7   For Conversion of K7 sockets.
Part # SP-2387-PSD   For use with Marwell Portable Safety Disconnect.



MAY 2003


In the C&I sector, new “spec” buildings are often built with 400 amp or 600 amp polyphase bolt in meters. Later, when the building is leased it is sometimes determined that the meter and service panel are significantly oversized for the tenants expected load. The Marwell SP-2387-K7-2-2S adapter may be used to install a conventional residential single phase meter, class 200 or 320, at these sites.

Based on popular Marwell K7 conversion adapter, first introduced in January 2002. We simply modified the adapter by removing the “B” phase circuit and neutral. The remaining bus bars are positioned perfectly for a 2S residential meter. Rated for 320 amps continuous, the adapter may be an ideal solution for downsizing those “spec” buildings to support single phase loads.

The bus bars are 1/2 inch square copper, close coupled to Marwell’s patented Mighty-Jaw . A strong combination for heavy duty applications.

Specifications & Ordering Information
Rated at 320 amps continuous.
Designed to fit 400 amp and 600 amp K-7 type meter base
Models for 2S and 12S meters.
Part # SP-2387-K7-2-2S – For 2S meter.
Part # SP-2387-K7-2-12S – For12S Meter.