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Canadian Socket



Convert 3s Canadian Socket To 3s ANSI Style Meter


CSA Certification Pending


Self-Shorting Switch
Self shorting switch in adapter provides shorting of CT’s automaticaly when meter is removed from meter socket adapter. Snap acting switch provides no switch hesitation. Switch rated 15A, 240 Volt. Insulated arm for meter presence detection. Enclosed switch design is resistant to dirt, moisture and critters.


RJ-11 Receptacle
RJ-11 jack mounted on adapter floor for easy connection to meter communication cable. Insulated leads connect to external access junction box in bottom of adapter. Communication cable from meter simply plugs into RJ-11 jack and the adapter provides interface to outside of adapter.


RJ-11 Junction Box
RJ-11 junction box is sealable and weather proof. The cover is provided with a one time use tamper proof seal. Cover secures to adapter with standard phillips head screws for easy installation. Gasket is attached to cover of junction box to eliminate loss and misalignment of gasket during installation and service.
3M Scotch lock connectors are standard.