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Temporary Service Adapters



* TSA-LINE Rated for 200 Amp continuous combined load.

* TSA-LOAD Rated for 100 Amp continuous standard. Higher rating optional.

* Each meter registers only one house.

* Modified UL Listed adapter with UL Recognized components throughout.

* Will not back feed the faulted cable.

Temporary repair of failed underground.

A large southern utility came to us for a heavy duty set of Temporary Service Adapters, something to help them connect jumper cables to a meter socket in the event of a failed service at a residence.

The jumper cable is actually a length of #2 Triplex. The night emergency crew normally runs it on the ground to bring power into a home until a day crew can get back and make a proper repair.

The adapters needed to be rugged for repeated reuse and the source adapter must be able to handle the high current load of two houses. The Marwell TSA is up to the task. The TSA-LOAD is attached to the end of the cable and inserted in the meter socket of the dark house. The TSA-LINE is attached to the other end of the cable and inserted in a neighbors house that has power. The meter in each adapter measures only the consumption of its respective home.

Ordering Instructions:
1000-TSA-LINE Source adapter for ring style systems, 200 Amp continuous combined load
1000-TSA-LOAD Load adapter for ring style systems.
1800-TSA-LINE Source adapter for ringless systems, 200 Amp continuous combined load
1800-TSA-LOAD Load adapter for ringless systems.