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Temporary Service Adapter for 4/0 Cable


Designed for one, two, or three cables – size 4/0

This special adapter will safely connect either one or two number 4/0 cables to the line side jaws of a meter socket. A 4/0 neutral may also be connected. Plugs are provided
for the unused cable entrance holes.

The adapter may be used as either a source or load device by lifting the existing service cables from the socket lugs.

Adapter Specifications.

  • Patented jaw for 200 Amp continuous duty.
  • All components UL LISTED or UL Recognized.
  • Weatherproof 6 X 8 X 5 inch deep enclosure.
  • Marwell 4-Bolt 1.5” x 2” non-metallic coupler.
  • Sealable and Lockable cover.
  • Supplied with two non-metallic tamper resistant plugs to close the unused cable entrance holes.

Ordering Instructions:
Model 1800-TSA-4/0
Conductor size
4/0 for 4/0 cable
3/0 for 3/0 cable
2/0 for 2/0 cable
Meter socket type
1000 for Ring style
1800 for Ringless style