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Timer Adapters

Many utilities still have a water heater rate that is timer based and controlled by meters with built-in time clocks. These old time clock meters are difficult to repair or replace. The April 2001 copy of Marwell News offered one possible solution – relay adapters to be controlled by programmable meters. Another possible solution is a timer adapter.

The timer adapters can be programmed in your shop and delivered to the site ready for a plug and run installation. They can be fitted under any meter, including AMR equipped meters. Seven day scheduling is standard and automatic daylight savings time compensation is available. A simple solution for an old problem.

– Available with 4, 5 or 6 stab configuration.
– Available with N/O (standard) or N/C relay contacts.
– 240V (standard) or 120V with neutral lead.
– Automatic daylight savings adjustment available.


Adapter rated for 200 Amp continuous when used in 200 Amp continuous socket.

Standard operating voltage is 240VAC. Grasslin Digi 20 or Digi 42 timer.

2 Week minimum battery carry over

-20 to + 140 Degrees F, Operating
+ or – 4 minutes per year
7 Day schedule

All timer leads terminated with quick FasTab connections for serviceability.

Power relay is mounted under the adapter floor and rated 35 Amp at 300V service.

4 jaws design with either 4, 5 or 6 stabs.

Fits ring or ringless sockets.

Patented, UL recognized, jaw design.


Ordering Information
We replace the ??? with your customer code and build them to your exact specification.
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