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Special Adapters Relay Adapters


Although many applications are possible, relay adapters are most commonly used to replace old time clock meters that were used for water heater control. The adapter relay is connected to the auxiliary output of a programmable meter – allowing the meter to control the water heater. Simply program the meter output to conform to the water heater rate.


35 Amp enclosed relay is mounted above the floor for simple testing and service, rated for 300V service.

Terminated leads with quick release connections for meter AUX output.

Standard relay operating coil voltage is 240VAC @ 6000 ohms.

4 jaws design with either 4, 5 or 6 stabs.

Patented, UL recognized, jaw design.

Available with 4, 5 (shown) or 6 stab configuration.

Available with N/O (standard) or N/C relay contacts.

240V (standard) or 120V relay coil available.


35 Amp enclosed relay is mounted on the terminal cover.

For 200A service at 160A continuous.

Relay rated 35 Amp.

Rated for 300V service.

Relay operating coil voltage, 240VAC @ 6000 ohms.


Ordering Information

1000-0-R4-RELAY-XX Socket to socket 2000-3W-160-RELAY-XX A-Base to socket

The XX will be replaced with an unique identifier code to document your specific utility requirements. 4, 5, and 6 stab versions are available.

Please send us a wiring diagram of your requirements.