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Special Adapters Power Source


It is often necessary to place a utility owned device on a customers home and connect it to a source of power at the meter socket. It might be a fiber interface gateway, an AMR concentrator, or simple yard light. No mater what the device, one of the many Marwell POWER SOURCE adapters will simplify your installation. Fits ring or ringless style meter sockets. Rated 200 Amp CONTINUOUS when used in 200A continuous sockets.

Three basic types – Other options available:

· 1000-0-R4 w/NC-300, Un-fused with screw terminals on the jaws.
· 1000-0-R4-YARDLITE, Fused lead with terminal block, 120V or 240V.
· 1000-R4-Q-10, 10 Amp circuit breaker with external reset, 120V only.

Based upon UL Listed meter socket.
UL Recognized components throughout. Patented – Spring loaded jaw design.

Rated 200 amp continuous.
Fits ring or ringless meter sockets.
1/2 KO hole standard.

Power connection to either line or load side.


Ordering Instructions
1000-0-R4-NC300-LINE Screw terminals on the line side and 1/2 conduit hole.
1000-0-R4-YARDLITE-120-1/2 Fused adapter with 120V terminal block and 1/2 inch conduit hole.
1000-R4-Q-10 120V Circuit breaker protected with terminal block and 1/2 inch conduit hole.