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Special Adapters 1000-0R-4 with M105FF Coupler Kit


Adapter mounted enclosure fits both ring and ringless meter sockets

A new mounting technique from Marwell allows an adapter attached communications enclosure to be installed in either a ring or ringless enclosure. It installs as easily as a meter. No latch ring. No tricks. Just plug it in and drop the cover over it.

It is finally possible to connect and test the communications package in the shop without concern about the socket in the field. This new mount may be used for other devices such as power quality recorders or power failure monitors.

Consider the Marwell M-105FF coupler whenever you are mounting to an adapter. Call for details.


Specifications – M105FF Coupler
✔ Suitable for any meter form – 4 jaw through 13.
✔ Suitable for Self-Contained or CT Rated.
✔ Suitable for most small enclosures, actual enclosure size to suit application.
✔ Patented jaw rated for 200 Amp continuous duty.
✔ All components UL LISTED or UL Recognized.