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MARCH 2001

SP-4157 Series

Polyphase Always custom to specification

Send us your specifications for a detailed quotation. The Octopus adapter is a polyphase bottom connected adapter without a terminal block. The concept is simple and has been around for 40 years or more. It was offered on A-Base single phase adapters in the early 60’s. Marwell has simplified the concept and applied it to polyphase meters. We modify a standard UL Listed 2200 by removing the terminal block and installing wires that will be color coded and terminated to utility specification – making it unique to the application.

The finished Octopus should pay for itself in field labor time. It may be the first free adapter.

Un-Skirted with critter guard


Redundant metering

They are always special, please consult Marwell for a generic sample.
Custom color codes will follow.