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E/Z 2200 Series Polyphase A-Base-To-Socket Conversion Adapters


Marwell’s E/Z 2200 series adapters provide a simple and inexpensive means for replacing polyphase bottom-fed meters with newer socket type meters. Built to meet UL 414 specifications.


  • Self-contained versions rated for 200 Amp service at 160 Amp continuous.
  • CT Rated versions are UL LISTED.
  • cUL LISTED in Canada.
  • Constructed of high impact, UL Recognized, fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate.
  • 600V Rated.
  • Marwell jaws and bus bars for proven reliability.
  • Three point surge ground system is standard feature.
  • Fifteen models to choose from.
  • Heavy duty jaws and bus bars standard feature on all selfcontained units rated for 200A service at 160A continuous.