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Disconnect Devices Meter Disconnect


The Marwell Disconnect Adapter (MDA) has stabs on the line side only. The load side is not connected, providing a positive service disconnect. The line side connections provide power only to the meter. The meter remains hot and fully operational.

The MDA-4 and the MDA-5 are used to positively disconnect residential or network service. A similar product the MDA-7, is used on polyphase self contained service. Both the MDA-5 and 7 have an active neutral connection.

The Marwell Disconnect Adapters are heavy duty devices built for repeated use. Molded in orange for easy identification from a distance. Special instructional labels are available per utility specification. Assembled from 100% UL Recognized Components.


MDA-4 for 4 jaw meter sockets.
MDA-5 for 5 jaw meter sockets.
MDA-7 for 7 jaw meter sockets.
Other Options Available.