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Meter Testing Adapters




Heavy Duty Nickel plated jaws on current jacks
Basic functional design
For meter socket base
Low profile package
Rigid handle 600V Rating
No potentials
No fuses


About an inch thick.


Also Available with other Options.
Consult Marwell.

Do you have any CT rated automatic bypass sockets?
Do you have any CT rated meters that are installed without test switches?
Do you need a convenient method of probing the CT circuits?
Use the Marwell CT Jack, safe, simple, and cost effective.



CT-JACK-101 1 Current CT Jack 3S
CT-JACK-102 2 Current CT Jack 4S, 5S
CT-JACK-103 3 Current CT Jack 6S, 8S, 9S, 10S
Future model(s) will include
Fused potentials
Potential banana jacks
Optional connections variations