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Meter Programming Stations


Meter warm up socket with plug


Available Meter Forms



Programming Station Voltage Input 120V
Equipped with 3A Load Receptacle 120V Output


2s/12s Meter Test Voltage 240V
5s/9s Meter Test Voltage 120V



The Marwell Meter Programming Station was designed to provide utility project personnel with a economical way of testing the accuracy of standard and specialized programs. The unit provides the conventional warm up capability but adds the feature of a load box. A receptacle plug on the station allows you to plug the computer used for programming the meter into the unit. The laptop provides the load so you can see KHW and KW values as well as volts, amps and harmonics. Marwell supplies the warm capability and you supply the laptop/load device.


This is another example of Marwell working with utility partners to designing products that are flexible and cost effective.